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Diamond Stud

Designer: Aurum Jewelers

$8,935.00 USD

Beautifully matched, these diamond stud earrings feature a pair of stunning brilliant cut diamonds set in platinum four-prong settings. Each diamond stud weighs 73/100 carat, together the pair has a total carat weight of 146/100. The quality of these studs is absolutely tops... the same quality we put in our engagement rings and all of our fine jewelry. These are certainly not commercial grade stone, but high gem quality goods. They are of top white color (G), Very Slight Inclusion (VS1), excellent proportion. 

These earrings make an elegant statement for any and all occasions, whether worn alone or at the center of an earring jacket. 

- Brilliant Cut
- 73/100 carat per stud
- 146/100 carat total
- Top white color (G)
- Very Slight Inclusion (VS1)
- excellent proportion
- Platinum 4 prong tiffany basket setting