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Diamond and Corundum Ring

Designer: Antique

$1,895.00 USD

This charming Edwardian ring circa 1915 is unique in that it is composed of two fine gems which are chemically corundum one lovely round faceted Ruby and one Ceylon color round faceted blue Sapphire.

14K White Gold ring accented with 2 gem-quality round brilliant cut diamonds.

- Weighs approximately 12/100 carats

- Unusual and colorful and at the very same time understated and elegant.

- Low profile thus easy to wear on a daily basis; won't catch on everything.

- These are the birthstones for July (Ruby) and September (Sapphire). Either stone could be replaced.

- Corundum is the second hardest natural gemstone- very durable.

- Although over a 100 years old, this ring is in pristine condition.