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Shades of Sapphires Pendant Earrings

Designer: Aurum Jewelers

$2,395.00 USD

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These stunning pendant earrings were designed and made by hand in our own workrooms and are prong set with Natural Oval Sapphires in all the colors of the rainbow: Royal Blue, Pink, Rose, Yellow, Green, Golden-Orange (Padparadscha).

Although most people assume that Sapphires are only available in shades of blue, in reality this gem is chemically Corundum and is available in every hue of the spectrum. We have selected beautiful tones which blend together to form a truly elegant but understated earring. The scintillating Diamonds set off the rich jewel-tones of the Sapphires to perfection. These are truly gorgeous earrings.

The total approximate weight of all 16 beautiful Sapphires is 391/100 carat. The total approximate weight of all 14 Diamonds is 34/100 carat.

- 16 Natural Sapphires (391/100 carats)
- Royal Blue Sapphire
- Rose Sapphire
- Pink Sapphire
- Yellow Sapphire
- Green Sapphire
- Golden Orange Sapphire (Padparadscha)
- 14 fine Brilliant-cut Diamonds (34/100 carat)
- 14K White Gold
- Friction Posts