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14 Karat Yellow Gold Gray Baroque Akoya Pearl Studs

Designer: Vintage

$695.00 USD

These 14 karat yellow gold gray baroque Akoya pearl studs are proof that pearls can be both elegant and every day! Each vintage earring features a gray baroque Akoya pearl, a color which has become much rarer to find for Akoya pearls. The gray color of these pearls is naturally occurring, not dyed or treated, so the color will not fade. Each pearl measures 10 millimeters in diameter.

Each pearl is attached to a heavy 14 karat yellow gold earring backing. These backings are exceptionally well made, built to last for many years of wear and enjoyment.


  • Heavy 14 karat yellow gold backing
  • Naturally colored gray baroque Akoya pearls
  • Pearls each measure 10mm in diameter